In the News

Members of the Haredi Research Group are actively conducting new research, sharing their work with wider audiences, and receiving awards and accolades for their publications.

MARCH 2023


Orit Avishai – Published article in Religion DispatchesYeshiva Is Likely to Win Its Battle Against Lgbtq Group — but Do Jewish Orgs Really Want to Empower a Militant Christian Movement?

Itamar Ben Ami – published an article in the last volume of Jewish Social StudiesModern Haredim and Contemporary Haredi Society: Beyond the Paradigm of Liberalization

Ayala Fader – New review article  that compares Jewish and Christian orthodoxies to develop a theoretical category we call “religious orthodoxies.” Religious Orthodoxies: Provocations from the Jewish and Christian Margins

Ben Kasstan – published Haaretz article on Polio: Polio, Vaccines and the Haredi Community: A Preventable Public Health Tragedy?

Miriam Moster – published an oped in the Daily News: On yeshivas, parental choice is a red herring

David Myers – new article with Nomi Stolzenberg, “Private Religious Schools Have Public Responsibilities Too.” The Atlantic, September 18, 2022

Daniel Staetsky – recorded two new videos on demography:
Hebrew — (1222) כמה חרדים יש היום בעולם וכמה יהיו בעתיד הקרוב. היכן הם חיים ומה מידת הקשר שלהם לישראל – ד”ר סטייצקי – YouTube
English — (debate on Haredi demography): (1222) Haredi Population Growth: Considering the implications – YouTube

Shayna Weiss – Quoted in this piece: Chabad and YU are partnering to teach college classes and Israel advocacy



Lea Taragin-Zeller co-publishes an article (“We think this way as a society!”: Community-level science literacy among ultra-Orthodox Jews) in Public Understanding of Science

MAY 2022

A Fortress in Brooklyn by Nathaniel Deutsch (and Michael Casper) and American Shtetl by David Myers (and Nomi Stolzenberg) are mentioned in an article in The Mosaic

Mark Trencher and Samuel Heilman create and distribute a survey about anti-Semitism, translated into Yiddish for Hasidic audiences, for their forthcoming study and book, Following Similar Paths: American Observant Jews and Muslims (co-authored with Mucahit Bilici)

APRIL 2022

The Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature announces that Hidden Heretics by Ayala Fader is a finalist for its 2022 prize in nonfiction literature 

Orit Avishai and Ayala Fader co-edit a special issue on “The Social Scientific Study of Jewish Orthodoxides” for AJS Review, which includes articles by Tanya Zion-Waldoks and Michal Raucher 

In the annual Rabin-Shvidler postdoctoral lecture, Sam Shuman connects their ethnographic work with a Hasidic diamond broker to ancient rabbinic texts and current anthropological theory


On the podcast Talking Tachlis, Shayna Weiss explains how Israeli, Charedi, and Mizrahi identities come into play in the Netflix TV show “The Tinder Swindler”


Shira Schwartz organizes a series on “Unorthodox Media” for Feminist Studies in Religion, which includes a piece by Sam Shuman